Logan Henderson falls in love Mexico

Big night of Logan Henderson in the Plaza Condesa, from very early the fans gathered to accompany the former Big Time Rush.

Logan Henderson caused the madness when appearing on the stage of the Countess, in a good input of the #Rushers who sang their songs for more than two hours.


It is worth mentioning that Logan viraliso a video inviting the celebration of May 5 in Mexico City his first concert as a soloist and will be the first time he acts in the country after sold-out shows offered with Big Time Rush. On this show, Logan said: "I can not wait to act for my incredible fans in Mexico City. It is one of my favorite places.


This show is very special for many reasons. Not only is my first concert as a soloist, I'm also going to play a lot of new material for the first time, so those who attend The Plaza Condesa will be the first in the world to receive me, I conclude by noting Logan.


The concert was spectacular exceeded in some aspects the expectations; seeing him on stage reminded us of so many moments that can not be described, the time he was part of Big Time Rush was a wonderful concert, the screams of people made our skin crawl. The night was perfect for a special occasion, Logan in his first solo concert, the f @ ns became especially addicted to his music.


He has changed a lot, his songs, his dances and even his mortal back was something that frankly we did not expect to see him on stage. Nights where songs like "Sleepwalker", "Speak of the devil" and "Bite my tongue", were some of the songs with which Henderson captivated his fans in the countess, and more when he invited the audience to sing with he.


Acclaimed, beloved, is like Logan Henderson shine on stage, Mexican rushers were delighted with a great night, no doubt to remember.